School Counselor


School Counselor

Megan R. Mathews, M.S., NCC, PLPC

  • Counseling is a process by which the student and School Counselor work as a team.
  • Working relationship between a School Counselor and student is crucial to supporting the therapeutic process.
  • Explore and define present problem situations, develop future goals for an improved life, and work in a systematic fashion toward realizing those goals.
  • Person-centered theoretical perspective: Students are capable of addressing/understanding difficulties through self-directed therapy.
  • Variety of formats including individual, group, and family support.
  • Act as an advocate for students to help support their needs, concerns, and well-being.

Counseling Support

-One-on-one support
-Teach strategies/ coping skills
-Address strong feelings
-Manage behaviors
-Assist in conflict resolution
-Play Therapy

-Multi-student support
-Address concerns of friendship/ conflict resolution

-Observation of behaviors
-Implementation of new strategies

-Implementation of Accommodations
-Facilitate communication between school and healthcare professionals

Reasons for Referral
-Handling Feelings
-Social Skills/Study Skills
-Conflict Resolution
-Managing Behaviors
-Personal Safety
-Problem Solving
-Study Skills

Who can refer?