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Annual Fund

Holy Name of Jesus School Annual Fund 

Holy Name of Jesus School has been providing an academically rich and affordable education to elementary school children since 1891. Parents send their children to our school so that we can nurture their young minds and endow their hearts with the Catholic spirit. As part of our ongoing fund-raising efforts, we ask that all stakeholders—parishioners, parents, faculty, staff, administration, alumni, grandparents, businesses, and friends--participate in the Annual Giving Fund. All funds raised go directly into the operating budget of the school. These funds are used each year to offset the deficit between tuition and operating expenses (“the gap”), thus enabling the administration to keep tuition affordable. 

Is my gift to the Annual Fund tax deductible?
YES! In fact, while your gift is tax-deductible, as allowed by law, tuition is not! Therefore, it makes sense to give generously in order to minimize tuition increases.

Does Holy Name of Jesus School participate in the corporate matching gifts program?
YES! Please ask your employer if they match gifts.

How much should I give?
The difference between tuition and the total cost of education averages between $500.00 and $1,000.00 per child. Those families who can give more are encouraged to give as generously as they can. Our gap this year is $850.00. If you cannot give the gap, we are grateful for whatever amount you can give. Our primary goal is 100% participation. So please, give what you can. Your gift will show that you care and that you believe in the mission of Holy Name of Jesus School.

What are Annual Funds used for?
The money raised goes directly to the operating expenses of the school. It is not used for tuition assistance or for capital improvements. In recent years, expenses (such as utilities, insurance, technology, and supplies) have risen exponentially and continue to increase. The money generated by this important annual giving campaign is critical to offset these rising expenses. We are attempting, at all levels, to keep our expenses down without sacrificing the quality of education or environment that we have all come to expect at Holy Name of Jesus School.

Do other schools have an Annual Fund?
Yes. In fact, most schools rely upon the generosity of their parents and other constituencies to offset this “gap” between tuition income and expenses.

Why should I give to the Annual Fund?
You should give because your participation reflects your commitment to the mission of Holy Name of Jesus School. It will also ensure that tuition remains affordable for all of our families in the Holy Name community. 

Who can give to the Annual Fund?
Gifts from all friends of Holy Name of Jesus School are most welcome—from parents, faculty, staff, administration, grandparents, parishioners, alumni, foundations, and businesses, etc.

How do I participate?
It’s simple. Just download the commitment form from this website and send it in to school, with your choice of payment plan: You can make a one-time payment or spread your payments out over the school year by paying with a credit card, or by monthly installments. Holy Name of Jesus School can charge your card monthly over a ten-month period. For example, a pledge of $1,000.00 can be paid in ten increments of $100.00 throughout the school year. Or you can go to our secure giving site and make your gift directly there. To go to our secure giving site, please click on the "Donate" button .

If I have questions, whom should I contact?
Please feel free to contact Development Director Mrs. Rosalie Tomeny at 504-861-9709, or via e-mail at

Development Office
Holy Name of Jesus School
6325 Cromwell Place
New Orleans, LA 70118
(504) 861-9709