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  Name Title Group
Gregory Anderson Anderson, Gregory MS Teacher Faculty
Kari Anderson Anderson, Kari PreK-3 Teacher Faculty
Megan Bayer Bayer, Megan Director of Admissions and Development Staff
Lisette Bayle Bayle, Lisette PreK-4 Teacher Faculty
David Blamphin Blamphin, David Dean of Students Administration
Ruth Blum Blum, Ruth 3rd Grade Teacher Faculty
Megan Bonser Bonser, Megan 1st Grade Teacher Faculty
Gretchen Breaux Breaux, Gretchen PreK-3 Teacher Faculty
Megan Bryant Bryant, Megan School Counselor Administration
Amy Burke Burke, Amy MS Teacher Faculty
Denise Clark Clark, Denise MS Teacher Faculty
Patrick Cragin Cragin, Patrick PreK-3 Teacher Assistant
Nicole Delany Delany, Nicole K Teacher Assistant Faculty
Carmen Dietz Dietz, Carmen Office Staff Staff
Margaret Duzane Duzane, Margaret K Teacher Assistant Faculty
Jessica Dwyer Dwyer, Jessica Principal Administration
Lillian Francioni Francioni, Lillian PreK-4 Teacher Faculty
Janet Fuchs Fuchs, Janet K Teacher Assistant Faculty
Katie Gallagher Gallagher, Katie Kindergarten Teacher Faculty
Paulette Gamard Gamard, Paulette 1st Grade Teacher Assistant Faculty
Terry Gordon Gordon, Terry Maintenance Staff Staff
Deb Hedrick Hedrick, Deb Art Teacher Faculty
Eugenie Helmka Helmka, Eugenie MS Teacher Faculty
Tudi Hodes Hodes, Tudi PreK-3 Teacher Assistant Faculty
Ryan Hooks Hooks, Ryan Athletic Director/PE Faculty
Patricia Hughes Hughes, Patricia 2nd Grade Teacher Faculty
Ann Inderbitzin Inderbitzin, Ann Computer Assistant Faculty
Courtney Jansen Jansen, Courtney DRE/MS Religion Teacher Faculty
Miranda Jaquillard Jaquillard, Miranda Kindergarten Teacher Faculty
Becky Keller Keller, Becky Office Staff
Grace King King, Grace 1st Grade Teacher Faculty
Carolina Lambert Lambert, Carolina Spanish Teacher Faculty
Jim Lamy Lamy, Jim MS Religion Teacher Faculty
Nancie Linder Linder, Nancie PreK-4 Teacher Faculty
Beth Loisel Loisel, Beth 2nd Grade Teacher Faculty
Marlene Maher Maher, Marlene Maintenance Staff Staff
Kimberly Manning Manning, Kimberly 4th Grade Teacher Faculty
Nataleigh Markey Markey, Nataleigh 4th Grade Teacher Faculty
Colette Miller Miller, Colette 1st Grade Teacher Faculty
Pamela Miller Miller, Pamela Computer Teacher Faculty
Julia Nolan-Wheatley Nolan-Wheatley, Julia EC Spanish Teacher Faculty
Savannah Partin Partin, Savannah PreK-4 Teacher Faculty
Ashley Pedeaux Pedeaux, Ashley 3rd Grade Teacher Faculty
Leslie Perschall Perschall, Leslie Art Assistant Teacher Faculty
Robin Peters Peters, Robin Librarian Faculty
Janet Poche Poche, Janet Reading Interventionist Faculty
Shannon Powers Powers, Shannon MS Teacher Faculty
Elyse Ptak Ptak, Elyse Music Teacher Faculty
Melissa Puglia Puglia, Melissa Dean of Academics Administration
Kellen Ranger Ranger, Kellen 2nd Grade Teacher Faculty
Arlene Rapp Rapp, Arlene Maintenance Staff Staff
Kristin Robinson Robinson, Kristin PreK-4 Teacher Assistant Faculty
Stephen Rowntree Rowntree, Stephen Parochial Vicar Administration
Stephanie Sauber Sauber, Stephanie Teacher Faculty
Meredith Singletary Singletary, Meredith MS Teacher Faculty
Kaitlin Southwick Southwick, Kaitlin Kindergarten Teacher Faculty
Edie Steinhardt Steinhardt, Edie PreK-3 Teacher Faculty
Langston Terrel Terrel, Langston Athletic Director/PE Faculty
Mark Thibodeaux Thibodeaux, Mark Pastor Administration
Agatha Vidrine Vidrine, Agatha PreK-3 Teacher Assistant Faculty
Victoria Walters Walters, Victoria 3rd Grade Teacher Faculty
Allyson Wenning Wenning, Allyson Nurse Staff
Kirsch Wilberg Wilberg, Kirsch
Brynn Willis Willis, Brynn 4th Grade Teacher Faculty
Kristin Winchester Winchester, Kristin PreK-4 Teacher Assistant Faculty
Jill Woods Woods, Jill Office Manager Staff