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Tuition & Fees

Fees and Tuition
Holy Name of Jesus School strives to provide the highest quality education while still maintaining reasonable tuition levels. 
Total costs of attending Holy Name are comparable with other Catholic schools and considerably less than local private schools. The school receives aid from the Parish and so charges are higher for those not supporting Holy Name of Jesus Parish. Understanding the costs of raising a family, tuition is liberally graduated to reduce the average costs per child for multi-child families. Please note that a Roman Catholic Baptismal certificate must be submitted, or the child is considered non-Catholic for tuition purposes.
Overall, the total cost of education averages $600.00 to $1,000.00 per child more than the revenues received from tuition and fees. In light of this, the school conducts an Annual Giving Fund to collect voluntary (tax-deductible) contributions to make up this difference. 
2017-2018 Tuition and Fees
 Tuition for PK3
  $7,765.00 (Catholic and Non-Catholic)
 Tuition for Pre-Kindergarten
  $6,730.00 (Catholic)
  $7,505.00 (Non-Catholic)
 Tuition for Grades Kindergarten - 7th
•$5,810.00 for each student who is a supporting family of Holy Name of Jesus Parish
•$5,810.00 for each student who is Catholic, plus a non-support fee of $350.00 
•$7,090.00 for non-Catholic students, plus a non-support fee of $350.00
•A reduced rate is given when a family has two or more students. 
 Fees for Grades Pre-Kindergarten - 7th 
•$150.00 registration fee for each student (non-refundable)
•$125.00 technology fee for each student
•$350.00 non-support fee for each student whose family is not registered, active, and supporting Holy Name of Jesus Parish.  A voucher from the parish where you are affiliated would suffice for this fee.  
•$15.00 fee for each family for the Clarion Herald

($350 Tuition Depost per child for all new students)


2018-2019 Tuition & Fees

Students who withdraw after submitting the enrollment contract will forfeit the registration fee, parish support fee, and Clarion Herald fee. After June 1, a student who withdraws will forfeit the registration fee, parish support fee, Clarion Herald fee, and one month's tuition. After August 15, it is at the disgression of the Principal and Finance Office as to which fees and tuition are forfeited.